RBT Exam Access

  • ATCC provides all requirements to take & pass the RBT Examination with the the BACB®
  • ATCC is the only career college that offers the RBT Competency Assessment


Career Training

  • All of the skills & terminology you need to succeed as an Autism Therapist  
  • Hands-on experience with children in our one-of-a-kind Success Clinic


"The Career Advisors at Autism Therapy Career College hold your hand every step of the way. The kindness and competency of the ATCC staff is remarkable. If you are thinking of becoming an Autism Therapist, I urge you to call one of their Career Advisors and get registered today. There is no other program that can take you from where you are today to working in the field of Autism Therapy like ATCC can!"
​Sami Clark,  A.A.


"The ATCC Behavior Therapy program is a unique opportunity for people looking to start a career in a field where they will be in demand. It's amazing how many companies are hiring Autism Therapists right now. I would recommend ATCC to anyone looking for a new rewarding career in a growing field."
​Lori Ayin, M.Ed


Job Placement 

  • ATCC graduates currently have a 100% job placement rate!
  • Get resume building help 
  • Receive agency interview secrets
"ATCC is the fastest way to land a job as an Autism Therapist. The program is incredibly simple and easy to complete. I'm so happy my cousin recommended it."
​Erik Paulsen, B.S.