RBT Exam Access

  • ATCC provides all requirements to take & pass the RBT Examination with the the BACB®
  • ATCC is the only career college that offers the RBT Competency Assessment


Career Training

  • All of the skills & terminology you need to succeed as an Autism Therapist  
  • Hands-on experience with children in our one-of-a-kind Success Clinic

Job Placement 

  • ATCC graduates currently have a 100% job placement rate!
  • Get resume building help 
  • Receive agency interview secrets

This will depend on the person. There are many reasons people choose to continue their education. When choosing a school or program, what matters most to you? Most people would say that they would like to get new job. Some people go to school to make their family proud and others to learn something new and interesting.

But the number one reason people choose to continue their education is to “GET A BETTER JOB”. If that is the case for you, you will want to make sure that the program you choose will get you a credential that is in demand. Do the research to find out how many jobs are waiting for you when you finish your program.


For example, virtually every single ABA company is hiring Autism Therapists, and the numbers of needed therapists have been growing for the past decade and are projected to continue to grow until at least 2024. Becoming a Registered Behavior Technician with Autism Therapy Career College will not only help you get a better job, but you will also learn about the fascinating field of Behavior & make your family proud.